We find them & let them shine bright and sparkling ...

Let the magic happen ★ ☆ ★

(Pippi Sparrow - 2018)

What is your dream? 

What do you really want?

I believe that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. We have the natural ability to master every challenge we face.
 Coaching is a wonderful way to reflect on your current situation. In coaching you will be supported, strengthened and challenged!    You’ll find out who you really are and what you really want and 
how to live a fulfilled live.

Are you curious? 

I am very much looking forward to meeting you.
 Book your free sample session and
find out if coaching is right for you.


It's all about you!

In coaching I support clients who are longing for the next step in their life. 

The sky is the limit…

What's your life purpose? 
Trust your dreams! Find out what really drives you!
I'm pretty sure that everything you need is already there.

Let's find it out together

Be the Party, not the part...

What's next?

We arrange a free sample session.

 If you want to continue, my suggestion is to accompany you for six months with 12 sessions. We start with a 90 min Discovery Session and go forward with 60 min sessions.

The sessions can be held by phone, zoom or in person. Everything is possible and equally effective. 

My coaching languages are english and german.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at anytime

Coaching @ ClaudiaBecker .one

What my clients say:   


Every single coaching session with Claudia was like another step on a long journey - some stages were more strenuous than others, some were funny - others more serious. However, every single stage has been extremely valuable, stimulating, inspiring and it has brought me a big step further on my journey. Claudia as a coach is very empathetic, authentic and for me the best companion I could have wished for on that journey. THANKS so much!

Carsten Gieren 

Global Solution Manager External Workforce / SAP SE


In Claudia Becker, I could not have asked for a better coach.  She ensured the sessions were engaging, thought provoking, challenging and made sure I focused on and could see my strengths.  I would certainly recommend coaching to others within SAP and would definitely recommend Claudia as a coach.

Senior Manager, SAP SE


I was very lucky to match with Claudia to be my coach. I met her when I was at my lowest, I was confused and lost.
When I first saw Claudia I knew my life will be better. I can’t remember what the first question was, but suddenly 50% of my problems were clear to me.
She is patient, kind, very genuine, and highly compassioned person! She could sense how did I feel, there were moments she could even recognize my pain point before I do. ´
It was a long journey for me, Claudia enabled me to find my own path, it is easier said than actually do it.
It is worth mentioning, that neither Claudia nor myself speak English as native language and it was not a problem at all because in the sessions you won’t only speak words!
If you decided for Claudia to be your coach,
then be prepared to be changed.

L.A. Development Manager, SAP SE

Ich bin gerade total geflashed über das was hier gerade passiert. 

Das ist magisch!!!

Danke dafür von ganzem Herzen!



Claudia has energy, charisma, warm-heartedness, courage, empathy and a lot of joie de vivre together with the ability to structure and sort.

Corporate Client


 Claudia has an ability to truly see people beyond the "exterior" with empathy and kindness. She creates an environment of trust and safety for people and by doing so she gently guides and encourages people to believe in themselves and truly be the best version of themselves.

Corporate Manager 

ClaudiaBECKER .one

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