Meet a new friend and YOUR new life ★ 

Experiential Workshop 

in London - 29.02.2024

Longing for more Connection? 
Ready for a change after so much time in virtual conversations?
Want rich experiences together in person?

What's in for you?

Are you seeking more self-awareness and more connection? Would you enjoy an amazing evening with laughter, tears, fun and new friends? 
Are you ready to enrich your journey with personal growth, peak experiences and more courage to live life to the fullest?

Together, we will create learning and growth in a safe and supportive  environment.

Who we are...

Your co-leaders Claudia & Derek in an once in a lifetime event together!!! 

 We are both Coaches to leaders of some of the world's best companies and financial sponsors.

As lifetime learners who passionately pursue deeper self-development, Claudia and Derek met in a 10-month intensive leadership development program.  We leaned in with trust and curiosity, holding each other in, and creating from, a safe, loving, courageous and provocative space.  We had so much fun, and felt so alive and connected, that we wanted to volunteer our time to bring similar experiences to others, offering our deeply held stake that "connection creates aliveness".   Our travel plans aligned to meet in London, and we booked The Lumen Community space to bring us all together for a great, adventurous laboratory of witnessing, being witnessed, and self-discovery.  

We're so excited to meet you there!!!

Claudia Becker

Claudia is passionate about inspiring people to see their own magnificence and build on that. She invites you to co-create in each moment and that evokes transformation in your leadership and any other area of your life.

Communication is a red thread through Claudia’s life. Claudia is a passionate coach, mediator and trainer with more than 25 years of experience in leading customer software project and programs in corporate business.  She loves working with individuals and teams. Her style is appreciative, calm and honest. At the same time, she has the courage to challenge her clients when needed. Her trust-inspiring presence opens up space where clients can show their pure self and act from their glory. 

In addition to her own Coaching Business Claudia is also a Faculty Member for the Co-Active Training Institute and facilitating international coaching courses all over the world, in-person and online. 

She lives near Heidelberg, Germany, loves classic cars and being in nature.  

Derek Fairchild-Coppoletti 

My career has spanned private equity / venture capital investing and senior executive roles in pioneering digital technology companies and in agricultural biotechnology enabling the organic and worker- / environmentally-safe food movements. 

I now serve a consultant, advisor and coach to senior leaders of some of the world's fastest-growing and most-profitable operating companies and highest-performing financial sponsors. 

I live with my wife, Leigh (a public high school teacher and writer) on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA with our two young adult sons (20 & 17). 

My passion and purpose:  With crazy, courageous love, I facilitate sustainable “peak lives” on our journey towards Humanity 2.0.


Booking Details

Date: 29.02.2024  • Time: 4 - 8 pm 

 Location: Central London (coming soon)


50£  per person 

to cover costs of event space, materials and refreshments 

 => Spaces are limited given the experiential nature <=

Book your seat now:  [email protected] 

Explanation to the picture on the top

Created with Sketch.

This picture was taken when Derek and Claudia met in Barcelona.  

Two airplanes were each on their way.  Their lines crossed and then…

The cross looks like a checkbox: YES!!! 

 Let’s connect and do this workshop together.